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RetroTeam featured in Product Hunt

Product Hunt’s Top Products list for 2021

So many productivity trackers and retrospective apps are cluttered or gatekeeper features behind expensive paywalls. Not RetroTeam. 

RetroTeam helps scrum masters and agile teams get on with their retrospectives — whether they’re in the same building or all over the world. Retrospectives help managers, developers and other stakeholders focus on the work that’s done to better prioritize what’s left to do. 

Productive, motivated teams lead to better outcomes. An essential part of keeping teams on task is open communication and clear reporting. Having an accessible, intuitive retrospective tool is vital for project managers to know what their teams need and to constantly improve their process. It’s for the managers that want to cut out the noise and keep momentum up.

Founder and lead developer Edo Williams said in a statement:

RetroTeam is for the leaders who don’t settle — who can’t afford to lose momentum. I created a tool to run my own retros and one that will help other scrum masters like me. I’m humbled to be featured on ProductHunt and to hear a lot of the positive feedback from the community. There’s clearly a huge group of people fed up with clutter and just want better, simpler retro tools.”

Check out ProductHunt to find out more and start running your own better retros with RetroTeam.