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RetroTeam - The platform teams use for fun and effective retrospectives | Product HuntIntroducing RetroTeam

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Transform the way you conduct your remote retrospectives. Improve your process today.


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Choose your formats like - Went Well, Improve, Action / Start, Stop, Continue / Lean Coffee, or create you own CUSTOM format.


With one easy click you can either share a private board with anyone on your team


Set a timer for your meeting or give your team members the ability to mark themselves as finished. With this feature the facilitator can ensure that every upvoted topic is covered and all the users have the opportunity to participate.


For small teams

  • 1 Team
  • 10 users per board
  • 10 Public/Private and Teams Board

For medium-sized teams

  • 2 Teams
  • 20 users per board
  • 20 Public/Private and Teams Board

For large teams

  • 20 Teams
  • 200 users per board
  • Unlimited Public/Private and Teams Board

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Joining a new team is never easy. Learning the ins and out of a new company or different team can be a challenge. It's especially tricky in the closed group of a retro team. Here are a few of our strategies to do it right to get your new members talking and contibuting from the start.

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