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Our mission is to be the tool that helps you organize and get on with your retros. Whether you work with people in the same building or with people distributed across the globe, RetroTeam makes it easy to do better work and get more done.

Retrospectives help managers, developers and other stakeholders focus on finished tasks to better prioritize what’s left to do. Productive, motivated teams simply lead to better outcomes and lower costs. An essential part of keeping teams on task is open communication and clear reporting. Having an accessible, intuitive retrospective tool is vital for project managers to know what their teams need and to constantly improve their processes. It’s for the managers that want to cut the noise and keep productivity up.

Of the thousands of retrospective tools out there on the market, RetroTeam is one of the easiest to learn. Its minimal design and intuitive UX set it apart from many of the complex tools that never quite cover all the bases. It's why I created this app in the first place. I don't have time to learn a new tool and my team certainly doesn't either.

RetroTeam is for the leaders who don’t settle — who can’t afford to lose momentum. Effective collaboration and open dialogue is a vital part of the agile retrospective. It’s what drives constant improvement. RetroTeam strips away the noise and is a place to run your retros better.

Edo Williams

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